Release Preparation

Jira Tickets

As release date approaches and development slows visit the jira versions dashboard.

  • Create a new/empty dashboard for the future release candidate.

    • Click in the Version name box and type in VOLTHA-(X.Y)++ for the next release.

    • Enter start/end dates if known, they should overlap with the last release.

  • Visit the current released candidate version and move all unresolved tickets into the future desktop.

    • TSTs may want to review unresolved tickets for release notes content for partially completed work.

  • On release day click the [Release] button to close out the desktop.

Release-less tickets

  • Version/s

    • VOLTHA enhancements, features, etc are considered for release notes based on the “Fix Version/s” field of a jira ticket. Ticket owner and target release will need to be specified for each.

    • Use the query below to identify problems and fix or ask people to review during the weekly TST meeting.

    • Query for release-less v2.12 <>_ tickets. These are tickets opened between 2022-12-01 and 2024-02-01. - Adjust query release dates and insert url ``ctrl-K` into the Weekly TST Meeting Agenda Page


Create a release tracking page in confluence, there are a lot of details

  • Jira tickets related to release and VOLTHA builds.

  • Jenkins jobs: state, failures and tickets.

  • Versions and build state of dependent apps and packages (also merged into release notes).

golang repositories

  • Upgrade go.mod (voltha-proto version at a minimum) early.

  • Force a build to triage potential problems.

  • Another go.mod update will be needed after voltha-protos is published but screen early for a set of known problems.