VOLTHA Documentation

VOLTHA (Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction is an open source project to create a hardware abstraction for broadband access equipment. It supports the principle of multi-vendor, disaggregated, “any broadband access as a service” for the Telco Central Office.

Key concepts in VOLTHA:

  • Network as a Switch: It makes a set of connected access network devices to look like a SDN programmable switch.

  • Evolution to virtualization: it can work with a variety of access network technologies and devices

  • Unified OAM abstraction: it provides unified, vendor- and technology agnostic handling of device management tasks, such as service lifecycle, device lifecycle (including discovery, upgrade), system monitoring, alarms, troubleshooting, security, etc.

  • Cloud/DevOps bridge to modernization: it does all above while using a microservices architecture running on top of Docker and/or Kubernetes.

VOLTHA is a sub-project of the Open Networking Foundation’s CORD project.

VOLTHA Component Diagram

VOLTHA Component Diagram

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Information about participating in the VOLTHA community and development process can be found on the VOLTHA section of the CORD Wiki.