VOLTHA Documentation

VOLTHA (Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction is an open source project to create a hardware abstraction for broadband access equipment. It supports the principle of multi-vendor, disaggregated, “any broadband access as a service” for the Telco Central Office.

Key concepts in VOLTHA:

  • Network as a Switch: It makes a set of connected access network devices to look like a SDN programmable switch.

  • Evolution to virtualization: it can work with a variety of access network technologies and devices

  • Unified OAM abstraction: it provides unified, vendor- and technology agnostic handling of device management tasks, such as service lifecycle, device lifecycle (including discovery, upgrade), system monitoring, alarms, troubleshooting, security, etc.

  • Cloud/DevOps bridge to modernization: it does all above while using a microservices architecture running on top of Docker and/or Kubernetes.

VOLTHA is a sub-project of the Open Networking Foundation’s CORD project.

VOLTHA Component Diagram

VOLTHA Component Diagram


Information about participating in the VOLTHA community and development process can be found on the VOLTHA section of the CORD Wiki.