Release: Checklist (repo: voltha-docs)

  • Create release notes

  • Review core contributors

VOLTHA Repositories (special snowflakes)

  • voltha-helm-charts

  • voltha-system-tests

    • Create branch voltha-2.12

    • Update Chart.yaml in v-h-c to version 2.12

    • Create tag 2.12.0 on branch voltha-2.12

VOLTHA Repositories

Release Builds

  • components/onos_components

  • Build and record version for all external VOLTHA dependencies.

  • VOL-4925.

  • Upgrade Maven Plugins listed in pom.xml


Release Notes

  • Capture version information and packages for all builds.

Helm Charts


Once dependent packages are built update helm charts: charts/index - Verify by installation

helm upgrade --install --create-namespace -n infra --version 2.8.0 voltha-infra onf/voltha-infra


helm upgrade --install --create-namespace \
    -n voltha voltha onf/voltha-stack \
    --set global.stack_name=voltha \
    --set global.voltha_infra_name=voltha-infra \
    --set global.voltha_infra_namespace=infra


helm upgrade --install -n voltha bbsim0 onf/bbsim --set olt_id=10

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

Voltha with golang source

Review all repositories that contain golang sources. Version(s) of external packages in the vendor/ directory may need to be updated.

make targets



make lint

syntax check sources

make lint-dockerfile

syntax check docker config

make lint-mod

syntax check golang dependencies

build & test targets



make build

Build core docker image

make test

Requires docker, test local build

make sca

Generate a static code analysis report

Developer targets



make local-lib-go

Create a local version of voltha-lib-go beneath vendor/

make local-protos

Create a local version of voltha-protos beneath vendor/

make fmt

Run gofmt on sources

make mod-update

Update go mod files

Review voltha-helm-charts