VOLTHA Release: voltctl

Release Builds howto:

  • Increment the VERSION file to a major or minor point release.

  • Initiate a jenkins job to build components (WIP: searching).

    • repo::voltctl, Gerrit example: 33551.

    • At least two jenkins jobs need to run:

      • version-tag_wildcard

      • github-release_voltctl

  • Verify git tags

    • A SemVer tag was created (vee prefix v{semver} signifies a golang package).

    • Verify the package(v1.8.0) contains more than just source archives (gz, zip): - The tags page index lacks Notes and Downloads links.

    • A valid package(v1.7.6) _ will include:

      • The tags page index contains Notes and Downloads links.

      • A checksum file

      • Versioned voltctl binaries for several platforms.

      • Source code bundles (tar.gz and zip).

  • Released version will be consumed by jenkins installer vars/installVoltctl.groovy.

Create an official voltctl release

  • installVoltctl.groovy depends on github/releases/latest for versioned release information.

  • To generate a release commit changes to repo::voltctl:

    • Modify VERSION file major/minor numbers for the upcoming release.

    • Remove any -dev or patch modifiers.

    • Create a pull request for review.

    • Changes will be published when the jenkins job github-release-voltctl is run.

  • Verify the release version contains a checksum file:

    • checksum.SHA256

    • voltctl-1.7.6-darwin-amd64

    • voltctl-1.7.6-linux-amd64

    • voltctl-1.7.6-linux-arm64

    • voltctl-1.7.6-windows-amd64

    • Source code (zip)

    • Source code (tar.gz)

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