Release Notes


This page details howto create a release notes page on the website.

Cookbook: Patch #1

  • VOL-5009 - For tracking, create a jira ticket to create a release notes page.

  • Clone repository repo:voltha-docs

  • Modify VERSION file to prevent publishing.

    • Specify a version string with a -dev suffix (2.11.55-dev)

    • The *-dev suffix will inhibit publishing release notes to

    • Helpful but not required, avoid specifying the new release version until they are finalized.

    • This will help retain a logical initial version string like voltha-2.12.0 VS voltha-2.12.22 in case several edits are needed to finalize documentation.

  • Copy the release notes template to create an empty release notes file:

  • Add release_notes/voltha_2.12.rst in the index file release_notes/index.rst

  • Modify so make linkcheck will not fail on yet-to-be-generated html release notes file.

  • Release notes: content and hilights:

    • Ask VOLTHA TST(s) to write up the release notes documentation.

    • ONF will work on filling in the grid of dependent components and apps at the bottom as they are built during a release cycle.

  • Pre-screen your patch for potential problems, make test failures will cause patch acceptance to fail.

# pre-screen for checkin test problems
% make sterile
% make test

# Summarize make test
% make test-errors

# Optional
% make lint
  • Create a patch, request code reviews and merge.

  • Wait for the jenkins voltha-docs sync job to complete before continuing on.

Cookbook: Patch #2

  • Once release notes are ready to publish update the version string.

  • Modify VERSION file.

  • Remove any vresion suffix decorations such as -dev.

  • Increment version string for the upcomign release:

# For exmaple increment version string

# To the new release version: voltha-2.12
  • After a code merge and jenkins job has run to generate documentation.

  • will contain the new release documentation if your version string appears in the top left navigation box on the site.

Release independent changes

  • Update copyright notice dates

    • VALID: Copyright 2017-2023 Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and the ONF Contributors

    • Copyright notice must be inclusive of the date sources were last modified.

    • Use of strings like 2017-present are not valid syntax and can have legal implications.