Getting Started

  • Register with ONF

  • gerrit user account

  • github user account

Register with ONF

Begin by registering with OpenNetworkingFoundation, this will create a user account for you to access resources: gerrit, jenkins, wiki, etc.

Gerrit user account

Next navigate to, login and configure your user account

  • Gerrit Login

  • User Settings
    • Verify full name and display name fields are populated.

    • Verify your email address is correct.

  • Generate and deploy an ssh key to interact with the repository:
  • Verify your ssh access

# Generate a new ssh key
$ cd .ssh
$ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f id_gerrit -C ''

# Connect passing -T, -p(ort), -i(dentity)
$ ssh -T -p 29418 -i ~/.ssh/id_gerrit ''

$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_gerrit
$ ssh -T -p 29418 ''

Github user account

Enable two-factor authentication

Generate and upload a public ssh key to interact with the repository:

Git config settings

## Config required by git:
$ git config --global  'Tux Penguin'
$ git config --global ''

## Config required by gerrit:
$ git config --global gitreview.username ''

## Convenience:
$ git config --global    branch
$ git config --global    commit
$ git config --global    checkout
$ git config --global    status

## Optional configs:
$ git config --global color.ui    auto
$ git config --global pater.diff  false