Jira tickets for code changes

Please open a jira ticket describing the issue/feature.

  • For large or multi-part features create a containing ticket with several sub-tickets tracking individual features or problems.

Multi-part ticket with subtask






Tracking ticket for bbsim failures in jenkins vip job view.



bbsim unit test job reporting status=UNSTABLE



verify_bbsim_unit-test failures in history



Triage test failure in periodic-voltha-unitag-subscriber-tt-test-bbsim

  • Description - include relevant information

    • Error messages

      • Use preformatting to improve readability (else message becomes a run-on sentence).

      • In ticket description click plus icon on the right side.

      • Select preformatted

      • Copy and patest text into the preformatted box to retain structure.

    • Reproduction step(s) for problems

    • Web URLs, links to jenkins job logs are very helpful.

      • Note: Jenkins job logs will age out and disappear over time.

      • To prevent this view the job history panel in jenkins UI

        • View a jenkins job page

        • Two links are available in history (lower left corner), colored icon on the left and #job on the right.

        • Click the #job link to view job.

        • Top right corner will contain a clickable button “Keep this build forever”.

        • At some point in the future after a ticket has been resolved remember to revisit the job log and unfreeze it (click button: Do not keep this build forever)

  • Assign field Fix Version/s: VOLTHA-X.Y

    • This will enables searching for feature by release.

    • Leveraged during release to document fixes and enhancements in release notes.

  • While viewing a jira ticket, the ‘More’ navigation pulldown menu at the top is useful for creating sub tickets or creating links to external resources.

Suggestions: Additional ticket documentation

Persistent resources for reproduction




Jira ticket


Capture job URLs to document errors and log messages.


Capture gerrit patch URLs for state and job reconstruction.

  • NOTE: Jenkins logs become unavailable due to aging

    • Jenkins job logs become inaccessible over time after growing old or due to volume job runs. To avoid lost problem reproduction steps always include a gerrit patch link which can be used to reproduce state or job results when original job logs disappear.

  • Document as links VS textual comments.

    • Visit jira VOL-5214

    • Select [M]ore from the menu above Description and Details.

    • Select [L]ink

    • Select Web Link in the left margin

    • Paste a gerrit or jenkins URL into the URL text box.

    • Enter a summry in the link text box – job number or gerrit ID.

    • Click the [Link] butotn.

  • Example VOL-5009

    • Items added as linked URLs will appear in the “Issue Links” section beneath the description where they are easily found.