Job Views


With each major LTS voltha release (v2.11, v2.8) a new jenkins view will need to be created.

  • Navigate to

  • Click “New View” from the jenkins UI.

  • Name: VOLTHA-X.Y

  • Job filters

    • Click “Use a regular expression to include jobs into the view”

    • Regular expression: .*voltha.*[_-]2.11.*

      • Match branch name voltha-2.11 (job view)

        • verify_bbsim-sadis-server_sanity-test-voltha-2.11

      • Match derived job name voltha_2.11

        • verify_berlin-community-pod-1-gpon-adtran_Default_DT_voltha_2.11_dmi

      • Match derived job name: voltha.*2.11 (job view)

        • periodic-voltha-test-bbsim-2.11