Jenkins job views: VOLTHA-LTS


With each new VOLTHA LTS release (v2.11, v2.8) a jenkins view will need to be created to allow running regression tests. This page will document those instructions.

LTS Folder

Visit jenkins::Dashboard and create a VOLTHA-LTS folder if one does not exist.

  • Click New Item in the left margin.

  • For item name type in VOLTHA-LTS

  • Click Folder or Copy from an existing folder.

  • Uncheck “Add to current view”

  • Click the OK button

Jenkins job view: global

Two view creation options are available

  • global - all jobs are selectable

  • local - simple list creation

Global job view creation

This option will add a named view in the jenkins::Dashboard soup at the top.

  • Visit jenkins::Dashboard

  • Click “New View” in the left margin.

  • Name view for the current release voltha-2.12

  • Select type “List View”

  • Click the “create” button

  • Accept basic values to begin configuring

  • Add an appropraite job Description.

  • Scroll down to “Job Filters”

    • Selelect individual jobs to hardcode an explicit list.

    • Select “Use a regular expression to pattern match”, value: .*voltha-2.12.*

  • Removing voltha-2.8 view deleted the “Coverage” and “Favorite” columns.

  • The voltha-2.12 view is complete for now.

  • Click the [ok] button

Add new release job view in the LTS folder

  • Visit jenkins::Dashboard

  • Click the VOLTHA-LTS folder in the center panel beneath job view soup at the top.

  • Click “New View” in the left margin.

  • Add view name: VOLTHA-2.12

  • Select “Include a global view”

  • Click the “create” button

  • Type in an appropraite Description.

  • View name should contain the global view name VOLTHA-2.12 created earlier

  • Click “OK”

Access LTS jobs