VOLTHA project repositories

Job directives: recheck

If the CI check did not launch or failed and you believe the issue is unrelated to your patch/changeset you can re-trigger the job by commenting on the patch with recheck.

It may take a little while to run dependent on queue size but this token will initiate re-running job phases for a patch.

Code Review Request

A code review can be requested in two ways, interactively when a patch is created or from the gerrit UI. Item of note, gerrit will also automatically assign reviewers based on volume of commits to an individual repository so you may have reviewers w/o explicitly requesting one.

Interactively using git

  • Create a patch, rebase/merge as needed.

  • git review to create a pull request.

    • From the command line, include argument –reviewers

    • git review –reviewers tux@onf.org foo@onf.org bar@onf.org

    • People will be notified via email about the review request.

Manually add reviewers at a later date