Jenkins: Common job failures

ERROR: Duplicate tag (job: version-tag_wildcard)

02:44:55 v4.3.3   Tagged by CORD Jenkins version-tag job: 384, for Gerrit patchset: 33916
02:44:55 v4.3.4   Tagged by CORD Jenkins version-tag job: 388, for Gerrit patchset: 34359
02:44:55 go-based project found, using v-prefixed version for git tags: v4.3.4
02:44:55 Version string '4.3.4' in 'VERSION' is a SemVer released version!
02:44:55 ERROR: Duplicate tag: v4.3.4
02:44:55 Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure


Most VOLTHA repositories contain the file VERISON which contain a semantic version string for builds.

Content and use of the VERSION file is documented [here]

  • Problem #1: No VERSION file included with a patch.

    • If a VERSION file was not included in your patch simply add it with an incremented version string.

  • Problem #2: Development collision

    • Periodically two devs may work in a repository at the same time.

    • Jenkins job processing is on a first-come-first-serve-basis.

    • When two patches are submitted for inclusion

      • The first patch will be accepted.

      • The second patch will fail with a duplicate tag.

    • This is a normal development event, when it happens check the repository to determine the latest VERSION string, increment the value and include the VERSION file in your patch.

    • ie: git commit –amend; git rebase; git review