Repository commit message

  • First line in a commit message is special.

  • 50 cpl max to avoid complaints about length.

  • Mention a jira ticket (VOL-xxxx) and the ticket will receive status updates from jenkins.

  • Additional jira ticket dependencies can be listed on line 3+

[VOL-5048] - Build and deploy for VOLTHA v2.12 release.


  o Update copyright notice to span CCYY.
  o Update maven plugins spotbugs and findsecbugs.
  o Update sadis component to vX.Y.Z

  o Update copyright notice.
  o Run gofmt -s -w on all golang sources.

  o Increment version string to non-dev for release.

Job Directives

hardware test functional tests
voltha test openonu multiolt
voltha 2.8 test openonu multiolt

git commit …

  • A commit message can be constructed using either

    • -F <file>

    • –message=”inlined text”

$ vi commit.txt
$ git add *stuff*
$ git commit --F ./commit.txt
# appropriate git rebase command
$ git review --reviewers

Commit Message: extra credit

Additional commit message directives are available that will augment tasks performed by a job. Additional test suites can be requested for a job run by including tokens found here.

Tokens can be embedded within a commit message to enable running additional test suites as part of jenkins validation.


There have been a few reports of additional testing not beeing initiated by a commit. If you encounter this behavior visit the VOLTHA jira site and open a trouble ticket detailing the changeset URL or a repository and commit message text.

Commit hooks can be repository specific and may need to be deployed/enabled/updated to support requestd functionality.