VOLTHA 2.4 Release Notes


VOLTHA 2.4 together with ONOS 2.2.3 is the first release with full support for all 3 operator workflows - AT&T’s 1 TCONT- 4 GEMs, Deutsche Telekom’s FTTH 1 TCONT- 8 GEMs, and Turk Telekom’s Multi-TCONT triple-play workflows. Also, for the first time, this release supports whitebox GPON OLTs and in-band management of remotely-located OLTs. It improves on performance and scale, achieving the MVP 1.0 requirements for production deployments of 2 OLTs with 500 ONUs each for the AT&T and DT workflows. The release also expands on automated-tests, with over 100+ tests run nightly in regression testing jobs across 3 hardware pods, delivering improved stability and robustness. VOLTHA 2.4 also comes on top of up-to-date versions of key infrastructure components such as HELM 3 and Kubernetes 1.18.

Features & Improvements

  • Full support for Turk Telekom triple play workflow with HSIA, Multicast IPTV, VoIP and VoD using T-CONTS per service. Two new ONOS apps introduced - igmp-proxy and mcast

  • Support for multiple OLTs in a single-VOLTHA stack.

  • Support for GPON OLTs, specifically EdgeCore’s ASGvOLT64 OLT

  • Support for ONOS controller clustering (typically with 3 ONOS instances and 3 Atomix instances) for scale and high availability. All 7 ONOS applications used with VOLTHA upgraded to work in a clustered setting.

  • Support for multiple ONU adaptor instances for scaling out (internal to a VOLTHA stack)

  • Support for In-band Management of OLTs

  • BAL transitioned from version to version with several bug fixes

  • Full DT and ATT workflow support on BBSIM simulator for scale testing

  • Scale improvements to meet MVP 1 targets of 2 OLTs with 500 ONUs each for both DT and ATT workflows, including several improvements to VOLTHA core data models.

  • Enhanced Meter handling for Bandwidth profile support.

  • Enhanced Group handling and cleanup.

Development process

  • Update to Kubernetes 1.18.5

  • Update to Helm3 of all the charts and deployment tools.


  • Integration Tests

    • Automated tests run on both hardware and BBSim platforms, please use the VOLTHA-2.4 view under https://jenkins.opencord.org/

    • Sanity test on hardware for TT workflow

    • In Band Management of OLT on one of the ONF Menlo testing pods

    • GPON OLT test job in Berlin pod

  • Scale Tests

    • Met required scale measurements with 2 OLTs and 500 ONUs each for both ATT and DT workflows


Known Issues

  • [VOL-3376] Data rate error margin beyond allowed limit

  • [VOL-3377] In-band interface does not get an IP address from DHCP sometimes due to an issue in BAL. Workaround automatically reboots the OLT.

  • [VOL-3125] Bandwidth profile not enforced with BAL

  • [VOL-3241] Scale measurements require the use of etcd in-memory

Component Versions

Helm Charts (voltha-helm-charts)

voltha 2.5.7 with container images:

voltha-adapter-openolt: 2.5.10 with container image voltha-openolt-adapter: 2.4.14

voltha-adapter-openonu 2.4.6 with container image voltha-openonu-adapter: 2.4.8

voltha-onos: onos chart 0.1.1 using container image 4.1.4

ONOS: 2.2.3

ONOS App versions:

bbsim: bbsim chart 3.1.0 using container image: 0.2.6

OpenOLT Agent 2.4.9 using BAL SDK

Available from EdgeCore site

  • Out of band management

    • ONL version (both GPON and XGSPON) ONL-onl-4.14_ONL-OS8_2020-04-14.1946-72b95a7_AMD64_INSTALLED_INSTALLER

    • openolt_asfvolt16-2.4.9-dev-d4aeca5a2094f7dc7c519913ab1558348c546dab.deb for ASFVOLT16

    • openolt_asgvolt64-2.4.9-dev-d4aeca5a2094f7dc7c519913ab1558348c546dab.deb for ASGVOLT64

  • In band management

    • use ONL image, comprising of Bal and openolt (available from edgecore site) for ASFVOLT16 ONL-onl-4.14_ONL-OS8_2020-07-24.2214-72b95a7_AMD64_INSTALLED_INSTALLER

Get access credentials for https://edgecore.quickconnect.to and then login and navigate to File_Station -> EdgecoreNAS, and then the folder /ASXvOLT16/OpenOLT_Agent/From_ONF_Distribution/ and pick the version above

A full list of Jira tickets releated to the VOLTHA 2.4 release is available here .