How to setup a node for CI intergration

NOTE that this guide has only been tested with Jenkins, but we assume a similar set of tools would be required for different CI systems as well.

This page is intended to provide pointers to useful instructions that you need to setup your Jenkins executor and a list of tools install on it in order to run the automated tests using the ci-management pipelines that are used on the OpenCORD Jenkins

Connect an executor to Jenkins

A good guide to do this can be found at At ONF we setup one of the node in the Kubernetes cluster as Jenkins Agent, but that is not mandatory as long as kubectl installed on the Jenkins Agent can interact with the cluster.

Prerequisites for this step are listed in the page, but reported here for your convenience:

  • Ubuntu (our executors use 20.04, other versions/distros might work as well but they have not been tested)

  • Java

  • A valid Linux user account that can perform the required tasks on the agent server. (We suggest to use a dedicated jenkins user)

Once the executor is setup in as a Jenkins Agent there are a few other tools that the pipeline will require in order to run the test cases:

NOTE that the tool without links are ``apt`` installable