voltha- Release Notes

VOLTHA 2.XX Release Notes


Features & Improvements

Bug Fixes



As usual documentation is published on https://docs.voltha.org

Known Issues

Known Issues





Certification Program

Thanks to the Continuous Certification program at ONF we can also ensure that the following ONF member products are compatible with the VOLTHA 2.XX release:

  • Edgecore ASGVolt64 GPON OLT

  • Radisys 3200G GPON OLT

  • Radisys 1600G GPON OLT

  • Zyxel SDA3016SS Combo OLT

Jira stories

A full list of stories and bugs completed can be found under the VOLTHA 2.XX (formatted) release page in Jira.

Component Versions in VOLTHA 2.XX release

Helm Chart Versions

This section refers to the macro charts to deploy the required infrastructure and a (or many) VOLTHA stacks:

BAL Version

Get Involved

We’d love to accept your patches and contributions to the VOLTHA project, join the community!

Here are a few resources to get you started:

Index/Entry points

CLI Tools

Weekly TST Meetings