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Documentation Guide

Building the Docs

Building requires python, creates a virtualenv (.venv) which has all the necessary tools.

Run make html to generate html documentation in _build/html.

Run make reload to get a live reload in your browser (refreshes on document save).

Run make latexpdf to generate html documentation in _build/latex. Requires that you have a recent LaTeX installation and latexmk installed

Writing Docs

Docs written using sphinx:

Documentation is done in reStructuredText or Markdown, but only .rst files can contain embedded diagrams.

Guides for RST:

RST has multiple heading formats possible, the ones we’re using are in the order for the HTML h1-h5: =, - ", ', ^.

Checkout, modify and test

$ git clone ssh://

$ cd voltha-docs
$ vi *.rst
$ make html           # doc generation
$ make lint           # syntax checking
$ make test           # syntax check *.rst files
$ make docs           # generate website pages

$ "$BROWSER" _build/html/index.html  # BROWSER='firefox'

Interactive editing: real time updates

Another useful convenience makefile target to try is the reload target. “make reload” will invoke the sphinx-reload program, spawn a web page for viewing html documentation pages followed by periodic regeneration of page content.

$ git clone ssh://

$ cd voltha-docs
$ make reload
$ vi *.rst

make lint (syntax checking)

  • make help (pending) <>

$ make help
$ USAGE: make target [, target(s)]
$ [LINT]
$  lint-json            Syntax check json sources
$  lint-python          Syntax check using pylint and flake8
$  lint-robot           Syntax check robot sources using rflint
$  lint-yaml            Syntax check yaml source using yamllint
$ make lint

make html

  • Install python packages: sphinx, pylint, flake8

  • Invoke sphinx to generate documentation.

See Also

  • RST Markup Documentation <>

  • Sphinx Documentation <>

  • RST Markup Specification <>

  • howto/docs.voltha/org/quickstart