This page contains a set of one liner useful to setup different VOLTHA use-cases on a Virtual pod emulating the PON through BBSim.

For more information on how to setup a physical POD or use a Virtual POD for development refer to the respective guides.

Common setup

In order to install VOLTHA you need to have golang and docker installed.

export KINDVOLTHADIR=~/kind-voltha
curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/opencord/kind-voltha/master/voltha --output ./voltha
chmod +x ./voltha

Now select the use-case you want to deploy:

ATT Workflow

The ATT Workflow expects EAPOL based authentication and DHCP to be handled within the VOLTHA POD.

WITH_BBSIM="yes" WITH_EAPOL="yes" WITH_DHCP="yes" WITH_RADIUS="yes" CONFIG_SADIS="bbsim" ./voltha up

DT Workflow

The DT workflow does not require EAPOL based authentication or DHCP packet handling in the VOLTHA POD.

WITH_BBSIM="yes" WITH_EAPOL="no" WITH_DHCP="no" CONFIG_SADIS="bbsim" BBSIM_CFG="configs/bbsim-sadis-dt.yaml" ./voltha up

TT Workflow

The TT workflow does not require EAPOL based authentication but expects DHCP packets for multiple services to be handled within the POD.

WITH_BBSIM="yes" WITH_EAPOL="no" WITH_DHCP="yes" CONFIG_SADIS="bbsim" BBSIM_CFG="configs/bbsim-sadis-tt.yaml" ./voltha up

Post deploy actions

Once the deployment completed, make sure to export the required environment variables as kind-voltha outputs:

export KUBECONFIG="/Users/teone/.kube/kind-config-voltha-minimal"
export VOLTCONFIG="/Users/teone/.volt/config-minimal"
export PATH=/Users/teone/kind-voltha/bin:$PATH

Once you have the POD up and running you can refer to the Operate a VOLTHA POD guide.

For more information please check kind-voltha page.