This page contains a set of one liner useful to setup different VOLTHA use-cases on a Virtual pod emulating the PON through BBSim.

For more information on how to setup a physical POD or use a Virtual POD for development refer to the respective guides.

Common setup

In order to install VOLTHA you need to have golang and docker installed.

export KINDVOLTHADIR=~/kind-voltha
curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/opencord/kind-voltha/master/voltha --output ./voltha
chmod +x ./voltha

Now select the use-case you want to deploy:

ATT Workflow

The ATT Workflow expects EAPOL based authentication and DHCP to be handled within the VOLTHA POD.

WITH_BBSIM="yes" WITH_EAPOL="yes" WITH_DHCP="yes" WITH_RADIUS="yes" CONFIG_SADIS="bbsim" ./voltha up

DT Workflow

The DT workflow does not require EAPOL based authentication or DHCP packet handling in the VOLTHA POD.

WITH_BBSIM="yes" WITH_EAPOL="no" WITH_DHCP="no" CONFIG_SADIS="bbsim" EXTRA_HELM_FLAGS="--set bbsim.sadisFormat=dt" ./voltha up

TT Workflow

The TT workflow does not require EAPOL based authentication but expects DHCP packets for multiple services to be handled within the POD.

Note that the TT workflow is not fully supported yet

WITH_BBSIM="yes" WITH_EAPOL="no" WITH_DHCP="yes" CONFIG_SADIS="bbsim" EXTRA_HELM_FLAGS="--set bbsim.sadisFormat=tt" ./voltha up

Post deploy actions

Once the deployment completed, make sure to export the required environment variables as kind-voltha outputs:

export KUBECONFIG="/Users/teone/.kube/kind-config-voltha-minimal"
export VOLTCONFIG="/Users/teone/.volt/config-minimal"
export PATH=/Users/teone/kind-voltha/bin:$PATH

Once you have the POD up and running you can refer to the Operate a VOLTHA POD guide.

For more information please check kind-voltha page.