Developing code with a virtual VOLTHA POD

A guide to install a virtual POD. A virtual pod is generally used to gain familiarity with the environment or for development and testing purposes.

How is it different from a Physical deployment?

The main difference is in the kubernetes cluster itself. In a Physical deployment we assume that the kubernetes cluster is installed on 3 (or mode) physical nodes. When installing a virtual cluster we refer to a kind (kubernetes-in-docker) cluster.

Another common difference is that a Physical deployment is generally associated with one or more physical OLTs while a Virtual deployment normally emulates the PON network using BBSim.

VOLTHA Component Diagram

VOLTHA Kubernetes kind deployment

Note that is anyway possible to connect a physical OLT to a virtual cluster, as long as the OLT is reachable from the kind host machine. If you need to control your OLT “in-band” then it’s not advised to connect it to a virtual cluster.



  • docker and go installed on your machine

  • kind-voltha cloned on your machine


For more information you can visit the kind-voltha page.

Developing changes on a virtual pod

We assume you already have downloaded the git repository you want to modify and your IDE is correctly set up.

In this tutorial we are going to use voltha-go as an example.

Make the required changes in the voltha-go repository (the process is the same for all the VOLTHA repositories) to the code and build the docker images and push them on your private dockerhub account:

$ DOCKER_REGISTRY="matteoscandolo/" DOCKER_TAG="dev" make docker-build

Then push them to your docker hub account:

$ DOCKER_REGISTRY="matteoscandolo/" DOCKER_TAG="dev" make docker-push

Deploy your changes on kind-voltha

Create a copy of the minimal-values.yaml file:

$ cp minimal-values.yaml dev-values.yaml

And edit that file so that it contains the appropriate values for the images you want to try, for example uncomment and change these two lines (mind the indentation):

    repository: matteoscandolo/voltha-ro-core
    tag: dev
    repository: matteoscandolo/voltha-rw-core
    tag: dev

Then redeploy kind-voltha using that the edited value file:

$ DEPLOY_K8S=no ./voltha down && DEPLOY_K8S=no EXTRA_HELM_FLAGS="-f dev-values.yaml" ./voltha up