BBSim Reflector

BBR (a.k.a BBSim Reflector) is a tool designed to scale test BBSim. It is responsible to emulate ONOS and VOLTHA in order to quickly reply to any message that BBSim sends.

Here is a graph of the measurements of BBSim performance captured over 10 runs with different PON Layout

BBSim Performances

BBSim Performances


To run bbr you need to have a bbsim instance running.

You can start bbsim locally with:

$ DOCKER_RUN_ARGS="-onu 16 -pon 4" make docker-run

Once bbsim is up and running you’ll see this on the console:

docker run -p 50070:50070 -p 50060:50060 --privileged --rm --name bbsim """"bbsim:0.0.2-dev /app/bbsim -onu 16 -pon 4
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=info msg="BroadBand Simulator is on" NumNniPerOlt=1 NumOnuPerPon=16 NumPonPerOlt=4 OltID=0
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=debug msg=CreateOLT ID=0 NumNni=1 NumOnuPerPon=16 NumPon=4 module=OLT
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=info msg="Successfully activated DHCP Server" module=NNI
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=debug msg="Created OLT with id: 0"
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=debug msg="Started APIService"
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=debug msg="APIServer Listening on"
time="2019-10-18T00:24:46Z" level=debug msg="OLT Listening on" module=OLT

At this point you can start bbr (note that you need to pass the same number of ONUs and PON Ports to the two processes):

$ ./bbr -onu 16 -pon 4

bbr will run to completion and output the time it took to bring all the ONUs to the dhcp_ack state. If the bbr process doesn’t exit, it means something went wrong.

Debugging and issue reporting

If you are experiencing issues with bbr please capture: - bbr logs - bbsim logs - bbsimctl onu list output

You can use these commands to capture bbsim and bbr logs during execution:

$ DOCKER_RUN_ARGS="-onu 16 -pon 4" make docker-run 2>&1 | tee bbsim.logs
$ ./bbr -onu 16 -pon 4 2>&1 | tee bbr.logs

And this command to retrieve the list of onus in the system (run this command once bbr is hanging but before terminating bbsim):

docker exec bbsim bbsimctl onu list > onu.list