Development Loop

Start with kind-voltha. installed.

Make changes

We assume you already have downloaded the repository you want to modify and your IDE is correctly set up.

In this tutorial we are going to use voltha-go as an example.

Make the required changes in the voltha-go repository (the process is the same for all the VOLTHA repositories) to the code and build the docker images and push them on your private dockerhub account:

$ DOCKER_REGISTRY="matteoscandolo/" DOCKER_TAG="dev" make docker-build

Then push them to your docker hub account:

$ DOCKER_REGISTRY="matteoscandolo/" DOCKER_TAG="dev" make docker-push

Deploy your changes on kind-voltha

Create a copy of the minimal-values.yaml file:

$ cp minimal-values.yaml dev-values.yaml

And edit that file so that it contains the appropriate values for the images you want to try, for example uncomment and change these two lines (mind the indentation):

    repository: matteoscandolo/voltha-ro-core
    tag: dev
    repository: matteoscandolo/voltha-rw-core
    tag: dev

Then redeploy kind-voltha using that value file:

$ DEPLOY_K8S=no ./voltha down && DEPLOY_K8S=no EXTRA_HELM_FLAGS="-f dev-values.yaml" ./voltha up